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About the People

Jenny Pearce

jenny pearce

Jenny started her interest in reptiles at a very early age, keeping brown snakes at the age of three. At four years of age a garter snake named Christine would watch Sesame Street with her. It was in the summer of 1983 that Jedi, a very large Eastern Milk Snake, entered the scene. With Jedi, Jenny began a public speaking campaign about snakes. Finding much misinformation and animosity towards these animals, Jenny was spurred on to attempt to reach the public with a more truthful and positive message. With lots of support from friends and family, Sciensational Sssnakes!! was born during Jenny’s university career. After leaving university, with a degree in Biological Science, Jenny concentrated on working with the animals and trying to reach the public with her message that “Snakes Are Good”. Today Sciensational Sssnakes!! continues to educate thousands of people, changing the general negative attitude towards snakes, and hopes are that this success will continue for many years to come.


Robin Manley

Robin is a University of Toronto graduate in Psychology and Criminology. Some might find this choice of employment unusual, but Robin’s background has served her well as a very large part of this job is dealing with people, and their fears of reptiles. Robin has been with Sciensational Sssnakes!! since 2007. She began her illustrious career with us working on the Trent Severn Waterway Reptile Education Program. After two years she then moved on to the Reptiles at Risk on the Road project, traveling across Ontario bringing the reptile positive message to places as far removed as Moosonee, and Windsor! Robin managed all aspects of this very successful program, from the bookings, through the actual performance of the programs, and of course, the ever present animal care.





Sean Espinola

Sean has worked as part of the Sciensational Sssnakes!! team over for 6 years, making him the most senior staff person we have! He has participated in the Reptiles at Risk on the Road program, travelling across Western Canada, as well as being in charge of the animal care at Scales Nature Park, the former base of Sciensational Sssnakes!! Sean is also an accomplished presenter and educator, using his knowledge, versatility and excellent intuition to bring the message to the masses. Sean recently completed his undergraduate degree in Biology at the University of Guelph.






Mike Veltri

Mike joined the team in 2012, the same year that Sciensational Sssnakes!! relocated to Guelph, Ontario. Mike recently completed his Bachelor's Degree at the University of Guelph, where he majored in Zoology and minored in Nutrition. He will be returning to university in the fall to pursue a Master's Degree in Bioinformatics. Mike grew up in Simcoe, Ontario, where he developed a love of nature early on life. When he is not focusing on his academics, Mike enjoys many outdoor activities, including rock climbing, rowing, swimming, and archery (as can be seen in his picture). Mike brings his experience from Whistler, BC as an ecotour guide to our outreach programs, and his enthusiam for reptiles and amphibians to the care of our collection.