Sciensational Sssnakes!!




About the Company

Jeff, Jenny and Sunshine

Jenny at Sharbot Lake Provincial Park

Our first ever full-time employee, Katharine Gahan, summer 2003.

Sciensational Sssnakes!! provides hands-on educational programs for all ages about reptiles and amphibians. Our main focus is on native Ontario species. Snakes dominate most of our shows because they are so suitable for hands-on activities. They are safe, clean and easy to handle. Very limited hands-on opportunities are possible with lizards and turtles. Amphibians are generally restricted to displays, as their sensitive skin precludes handling.

Sciensational Sssnakes!! was started as a business in 1994 after Jenny Pearce and Jeff Hathaway graduated from the University of Guelph. Prior to this, Jenny had been doing educational snake programs as early as 1985 on a voluntary basis. Stu and Cassandra Saunders were also partners at the beginning, but soon moved on to other interests; Cassandra is now the program director at Bark Lake Leadership Centre, and Stu has now joined her there after several years with the Muskoka Wildlife Centre. Initially part time, Sciensational Sssnakes!! became Jenny’s full-time occupation late in 1996, and Jeff’s in 2001. In a typical year, we present about 250 educational programs at venues throughout Ontario, reaching an estimated 25,000 people or more with our messages about reptile conservation and its challenges.