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Ball Pythons

Ball pythons are a very docile species that rarely exceed 1.5 m in length. As with all pets, captive-bred specimens are superior to wild-caught individuals, but in ball pythons it is even more important. Wild-caught animals are notoriously difficult to feed, and usually have many parasites, which often results in death.

Captive-bred ball pythons can also be difficult feeders, but this should not cause fatalities if other husbandry conditions are properly applied. This native west African species is a true constrictor, and can make a fascinating pet.

Caging: These are not highly active snakes so cage sizes can be relatively small.

Heating and lighting: Ball pythons require higher temperatures of around 30°C that do not normally fall more than 5 degrees. Heat pads under one end of an enclosure would be a good heat source for these snakes.

Feeding: Although these pythons are rodent feeders they can be very picky, preferring one specific type. Gerbils are often a favourite. They will often stop eating for months at a time.

Miscellaneous: A water bowl is required that is large enough for the snake to completely submerge.