Sciensational Sssnakes!!





Sciensational Sssnakes!! displays are suitable for a variety of events. They have been exceptionally well received at shopping malls, conservation areas, provincial parks and various conventions and trade shows. We are always looking for new venues where we can reach people with our important message of conservation through education.

The display setup can consist of only one table, or can be as extensive as eight or ten tables. We have interpretive display boards, which may be set up in conjunction with display tanks, although we are able to provide display tanks alone. Each display tank is clearly labeled and there are also interpretive signs to accompany each type of animal on display. There is always a minimum of one interpreter staffing the display; it is never left unsupervised. As with our Sciensational Sssnakes!! shows, we do love to allow the public to participate in a hands-on manner with our beautiful animals. Often the interpreter will have a snake available to allow those who are interested the experience of getting up close and personal. We bring “extra” animals for this purpose, as removing animals from the tanks could detract from the display. Display tanks are set up to allow viewing of the animal by the public; cage decorations are generally sparse as most species will readily hide. Naturalistic displays with live plants, waterfalls, etc., can be created if desired. Additional charges depend upon the size and nature of naturalistic displays.

One of the ideals which we strive to promote is the conservation of our native Ontario species, many of which are threatened with extinction. To this end we are very proud to offer a display showcasing Ontario’s only native venomous species of snake, the Eastern Massasauga Rattlesnake. This snake is often needlessly persecuted, as are many other snakes due to their resemblance to this species. On this display we have attempted to enlighten the public about similar species, and those that try to imitate the rattlesnake to protect themselves. Range maps for these species are a very important component of this display, as well as excellent photographs of actual wild Ontario specimens.

We are often asked about our programs, what we do, and why. A section of one display board shows the group in action, and explains our education focus. We also display reference letters and information on how to get in touch with us. The large side panels of this display are full of general information about reptiles, with a focus on snakes. Along with pictures we have interpretive signs explaining the meaning of ectothermy, the lack of slime on reptiles, that snakes are unable to blink, that snakes smell with their tongue, the shedding process in snakes, and hibernation.

Another display is titled Reptiles as Pets. It addresses reasons why people would consider a reptile for a pet, and also reasons why some of these animals would not make very good pets. In the “not good” pet category we cover green iguanas, large constrictors and red-eared sliders. We cover some general concerns about reptiles as pets with, for example, our Ethical Considerations section. We also have a positive side to this display and list three of the best snake and lizard species to consider for a pet. There is some general information as well as some more specific care requirements for each animal.

The displays work well alone but can also be combined with shows to provide maximum effect. Tables (6' or 8' long) are to be supplied by the client, as is a sound system if required. Sciensational Sssnakes!! can supply tables and/or a sound system for an additional charge if necessary.